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Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

We honor the unique partnership of Mind, Body & Spirit in all of our work.  The human body is dynamic and often there are multiple layers to healing.  We understand that the relationship between our emotions, stress levels, environment, diet, movement, pain and many more all play a role in our longevity and health.  Our practitioners are dedicated to a style of treatment that is wholistic, empowering and informative.  Every practitioner has a Master degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and another in Chinese Herbal Therapy.  They additionally, have continued their education in adding modalities that complement treatments.  




First Office Visit:

Your first acupuncture appointment will be 90 minutes long. We will go through a detailed health history so that we can look at your health from many different angles to get a complete picture. We will discuss your goals and you will have your first acupuncture treatment. The treatment itself can last between 15 to 45 minutes, depending on your condition and goals. At this time we will discuss if additional modalities would be beneficial to incorporate. Your practitioner will work in partnership with you to set a treatment plan that best addresses your health needs.   Most treatment plans will consist of a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine used alone and ones with an overlap of additional modalities.


Return Visits:

1. Traditional Acupuncture 

A Traditional Acupuncture session explores the beauty and effectiveness of acupuncture. Our practitioners incorporate relaxing tuning forks, essential oils or few minutes of guided breath work to ease you into a relaxing hour. This is a great session within a treatment plan for continued work through a health issue.  Rate: $78 with time of service discount.  Billed rate: $95


2. Integrated Acupuncture

This style of treatment blends together acupuncture with additional modalities of CranioSacral Therapy or NeuroEmotional Technique to fluidly address physical, emotional and mental components to healing. It is an hour long session and an empowering treatment style to check in on a deeper level to your health.  Rate: $110 with time of service discount.  Billed rate: $95 + $35 time of service charge for insurance patients


3. NeuroEmotional Technique (NET):

Available as both an incorporated modality and as a dedicated treatment, NET is a tool based in Chinese Medicine that helps restructure the physiology and patterning of chronic stress response and stressful memories. Read more about NET here. Rate: 30 min session $55, 30 min session $110.  This technique is not available to bill to insurance.  


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Nicole Eskandari, EAMP, L.A.c, LMP

Patient hours: Monday 9-5pm, Thursday 9am-4pm, Friday 10-4pm

Insurance Provider: Aetna, Cigna, Lifewise, Premera,  Auto Accident Claims


Ashley Schiavone, EAMP, L.A.c, LMP

Patient hours: TBD

 Insurance Provider: Aetna, Lifewise, Premera, Regence, Foundation Networks, Global, Heritage, Auto Accident Claims


Micheala Keehn, EAMP, L.A.c

Patient hours: Tuesday & Wednesday, 5-7pm

Insurance Provider: Aetna, Premera, Auto Accident Claims

Appointment types: Traditional, New Patient, Phone Consults

Schedule an Appointment:

Call us at 206-972-2999 or use the scheduling calendar below.