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Ashlee Knight Counseling, LMHCA

Mental Health Counseling

It can be so hard to reach out for help, to admit you can't do it alone, but you've got this. To me, therapy is a relationship, a space, an hour to explore and try on your true self, to give yourself permission to be a messy human being, to let yourself be seen by another person and accepted as you are, and to dare to imagine what it would be like to find healing and take up space in the world – more fully alive.

A great deal of our pain as humans stems from strained, harmful, and ruptured relationships with others, and also with ourselves – and most of the rest of our pain comes from the unhelpful and unsustainable ways we try to cope with that pain. We often vacillate between ignoring and attempting to problem-solve this pain away, but years pass and we never get anywhere – I know this because I’ve tried it too.

The only thing that can even touch that old relational pain is practicing new ways of relating, and therapy is an ideal place for this kind of practice. Where perhaps you were once silent, therapy becomes the place to begin voicing unspeakable truths; where perhaps you were once terrified of conflict, therapy becomes a safe place to bring your anger; where perhaps you often find yourself sabotaging good things out of a deep belief that you don’t deserve them, therapy becomes a relationship that will not be so easily ruined but rather stays steady long enough to lead finally to growth instead of repetition.

I also believe in an integrative and holistic approach; I believe deeply in the mind-body connection. I have seen time and again that the body is key to accessing that which we don’t have words for, and in that way it is essential to healing. I would encourage any of my clients to collaborate with other providers and specialists so that the entire self is engaged in the therapeutic process.