Betsey Strater


Betsey teaches and practices yoga to offer the opportunity to be in touch with the beautiful, powerful, and unique energy within us all. When she came to yoga, Betsey was stuck in her life, but as she continued with her yoga practice, she found that “practice” made a difference in “the real thing” off the mat. She has found new strength and passion in herself and loves to share it. Yoga meets you right where you are, in this moment and offers expression, creativity, discipline, presence, connection and stillness. Betsey has found that yoga helps her live more freely and authentically.

All that aside, YOGA IS SO MUCH FUN! Betsey jumps at every chance to play with poses and never misses a handstand opportunity. She loves to flow in practice with whomever shows up on the mat next to her. She also loves to practice Yin Yoga. In her teaching, Betsey will open a space for you to show up just as you are, play, express, and have fun.

Betsey is a certified Next Generation Yoga Teacher for Kids as well as an RTY 200 hour for bigger kids (aka: adults), specializing in Power Vinyasa. She is passionate about teaching brand new yogis of all ages and supporting them as they discover what is possible in their yoga practice and their lives. She loves to teach and practice yoga anytime, anywhere, with everybody and every body.