Introducing: New Kula Massage Therapist

We are happy to announce that Mike Ritter, LMT, has joined the Kula Movement team! Mike is highly qualified, eager to serve the community, and ready to see patients Wed - Sat. You can book an appointment by calling 206-972-2999 or going to

Michael Ritter, LMT

Mike became a massage therapist through his passion for endurance sports and the benefits soft tissue manipulation can have on performance, overall wellness, injury prevention and recovery. He graduated from the Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts massage program, which focuses on clinical massage treatment, in 2017.

Mike practices a results focused approach to massage, integrating Swedish, deep tissue, and muscle energy techniques to address each client’s individual needs and goals. Whether you are an athlete looking to improve performance, have pain from a chronic use or an acute injury, such as a car accident, Mike is excited to show you how massage can be a powerful tool in your overall wellness journey.

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