Kula welcomes MindBody software

Dearest Kula Friends, 

We are happy to announce an exciting new transition at Kula. As we continue to grow and flourish with the help of each of you, we have realized a change was necessary in our current Yoga, Pilates and Massage software. We want to help give back that sense of ease and usability to each of you and are happy to say we have joined the MindBody team! Many of us are familiar with this user friendly software - and now we're all familiarizing ourselves with the features. 

What this means for you:

  • Purchase Yoga class packages online and have access to your account
  • Register for classes, workshops and private Yoga sessions
  • Purchase and schedule private Pilates sessions
  • Purchase and schedule Massage
  • Download the MindBody app or login at your desktop

    Members, and anyone with a current active pass - your information was transferred over. Please reclaim password with your email for access. Otherwise, please create a new account. Thank you! 

    We hope you enjoy the shift!

Angela and Jill

Kula Movement Front Desk