Want to Find Your Inversion?

Find your inversion!

Friday, June 9, 7:00 - 9:00p.m.
with Rosalie Battah

This playful and energetic Forrest Yoga Intensive is designed for all levels. Whether your inversion practice is brand new or you are a confident gravity surfer, we will explore our edge and move beyond fear that keeps us stuck.

Challenge and surprise yourself by discovering hidden strength and ability you already embody.

$35 Pre-Registration

$40 Day Of


Top 4 Postures to build upper body strength:

Down dog -- As a beginner it's one of the first inversions we regularly encounter.

Dolphin -- A cousin to down dog this pose emphasizes the healthy (and demanding) shoulder blade wrap while relaxing the neck. The armpit and chest muscle connections are increased while flexibility is gained!

Down dog on the wall -- Step your down dog up the wall at a 90 degree angle to align hips over shoulders over wrists. Keep pressing the mat away with straight, strong arms, and reaching your chest toward the wall. Great shoulder opener too!

Dolphin on the wall -- Just like DD on the wall but from the forearms. This pose builds toward Forearm balance - one of the more iconic inversions!

Practice smart. We're here if you have questions. Enjoy.