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Charli Hamilton

Massage Therapist

I believe my massage work can help relieve pain, increase mobility, and help you enjoy your body and all it’s capable of as you move throughout your action packed day.

My name is Charli Hamilton, and I am the owner of Chidori Massage. In Japanese, Chidori refers to a flock of plover birds, an image that makes me think of both peace and strength. In my massage practice I aim to bring calm and relief while restoring suffering bodies to their natural strengths and abilities.

One of my earliest jobs was at a small restaurant in my hometown. Since that beginning as a hostess, I bounced around and up the restaurant ladder, spending time as a dishwasher, chef, server, bartender, bookkeeper, and GM. After two decades of watching friends and coworkers pile aches upon injuries (and sustaining several myself), it occurred to me that someone needed to serve the servers. I went back to school for massage, and as a result focus my work largely on my restaurant family—chefs, bartenders, and servers—and by extension all those who enjoy pushing their bodies to the limits — runners, rock climbers, gym gurus, yogis. My work is aimed at getting you back to form to enjoy all that you do, whether that’s standing behind a bar for 10 hours or racing the trails of Cougar Mountain.

A session with me tends to blend both Sclerotome Release (a positional release therapy derived from Strain Counterstrain) and Myofascial work. SR therapy addresses your nervous system’s pain receptors and contacts points along your skeleton to release areas of restriction. It requires active participation and communication. Myofascial by contrast tends to be very slow and deliberate, and often will induce a state of deep relaxation and meditation. We’ll talk about “unwinding” your connective tissue restrictions, and pressure will feel light and easy, even while working some of the deepest structures of your body.

Specialties Include: Sclerotome Release, Myofascial, Sports/Injury Massage
LMT #: MASS.MA.60787215

Website and link to book appointments: www.chidorimassage.com (direct link to booking - https://chidorimassage.as.me/kulamovement )

Facebook & Insta - @chidorimassage