Corrie Adams, LMP

Since graduating from Cortiva Institute of massage in 2015, Corrie has been thrilled to integrate her lifelong movement background into her massage practice. Whether it's through dance, running, swimming, hiking, mountain biking or yoga: She enjoys exploring the intricacies of human anatomy and one's overall sense of body awareness. Since graduating she has spent several months in Thailand to further explore her passion for their rich culture and to both learn & teach the ancient bodywork practices of Thai Massage.

She specializes mainly in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Myofascial release, Sports & Neuromuscular techniques, Trigger point, Acupressure and Thai massage therapies. She is fascinated by the ability to change one's body through focused, intentional activity and enjoys assisting people in that process through massage. Her goals are not only to help aid in the relief of each client's stress, aches & pain; but also to help them regain an overall sense of ease & balance within. Whether it's on the table or on the Thai mat, Corrie is excited to explore & share in compassionate and effective bodywork with you.