Elizabeth Cunningham

Yoga Instructor

I became a yoga teacher because when I practice yoga my life works. I wanted to give that to other people. What I love about teaching yoga, is creating a space where people center themselves and are left empowered after class. My style of teaching is closest to Vinyasa. If you take my class you will not only test your limits physically but mentally, as well. 

I am interested in having fun, living healthy and having everyone else around me live a life that they love. When I'm not teaching yoga, I'm hanging out with my husband, Garhett, our little dog, Tweak, and our two cats, Kitty and Keeva. 

I have been practicing yoga for 15 years and I have been teaching for 3 years. I have received my 200 Hour Yoga Teaching Certificate and I also have 50 Hours of additional teacher training and coaching. I am registered under the Yoga Alliance.