Gabi Esser

Yoga Instructor

Gabi was classically trained as a dancer and was exposed to yoga at a young age. However, her love of yoga and expanded personal practice began in college in 2008 and became a part of her every day during her graduate studies in urban planning in 2013. As an analytical person, Gabi loves to nerd out about anatomy, contraindications, mythology, and Sanskrit, but she really cherishes how yoga has helped her become embodied and given her a practice to feel and stop over thinking. Gabi lives to be a part of helping others find embodiment through yoga and brings her passion, knowledge, and fun sense of flow to class. She took her first teacher training in February of 2016, then did trauma-informed teacher training in April. Subsequently, she took two more teacher trainings in October and December of 2016. She works full time as a yoga instructor in Seattle and is heavily involved in coaching and helping lead yoga teacher trainings. She is always down to dig deep about yoga, urban planning, society, and music! You can find her reading comic books, attending community meetings, playing trivia, and rocking out at concerts.