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Aubrey Lincoln

500 HR E-YRT Power Vinyasa, 80 Hr Principle Based Partner Yoga, 100 Hr Budokon Mobility, FRCms (Functional Range Conditioning, Mobility Specialists), NASM Group Fitness Trainer, 50 HR Yin Yoga

Aubrey is a mixed movement athlete and a diverse movement coach. She specializes in the field of athletic conditioning (mobility, yoga, and calisthenics) joint health and injury prevention. In her movement classes, be prepared to slow down mentally and dig deep physically to experience where one can find freedom, healing and empowerment. Aubrey selects music that elevates the soul, inspires compassion, and reconnects students to the harmonious vibration within all things. While away from her mat, you can find Aubrey living Yoga with her partner and chocolate lab as they romp around in Nature and explore unpaved roads.

Jessica Brustad

Yoga Instructor

Jessica has a unique yoga practice which nowadays involves more laughter and free play then traditional asana.  She has been practicing yoga since 2004 and teaching since 2011.  While teaching Vinyasa and Hatha classes in Southern California she gained the nickname, The Funny Yogi!  Her high energy, laugh out loud, (and often), personality brought a different feeling to her classes. Jessica then went on to obtain her 500 Hr Professional RYT through YogaWorks; but that didn't take the silliness out of her! 

While living in Los Angeles, Jessica had also been studying and performing Stand Up and Improv Comedy. After relocating to Seattle in 2015 she finally found her passions collide when she was introduced to Hasya Yoga or Laughter Yoga.  Laughter yoga is a unique practice which combines unconditional laughter with yogic breathing (pranayama). She obtained her Laughter Yoga Leader Certification from the Laughter Yoga International University that year. Jessica now leads weekly Laughter Clubs in the Seattle area and is committed to helping others tap into their own inner joy and child-like playfulness which we all posses. She loves hugs, high five's, and smiles and that's what you can expect from a class with Jessica! 


Bev Schubert


Combining the wisdom and experience of midwifery and hatha yoga, I bring the two together creating class offerings that inspire curiosity, strength, flexibility and joy. I have been caring for women and their families as a licensed midwife since 2008 and have practiced yoga for most of my life. The focus of my class is to build intention, love and appreciation of your changing pregnant body. Through poses and breath we discover comfort measures and mindfulness. In community we find our way accept and celebrate the dynamic life of the body and heart and in class we hold space for each other for every phase of the childbearing year.

I am recently retired from my midwifery practice, and currently spend all the time I can with family and friends, gardening, practicing yoga, dancing and traveling. I am a graduate of the South OkanagonYoga Academy and wish to express my gratitude to my beautiful teachers and the teachers who taught them.

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Annie Kao


I began practicing yoga 15 years ago as a way to manage stress while living in New York City and working in a fast-paced environment. Initially drawn to the physical challenges of the practice, it was not until completing my 200 Hour Teacher Training at Laughing Lotus Yoga in New York that I discovered the profound effects yoga had on calming the mind. I was inspired to teach yoga to share the positive role it has played in my life. My teaching style incorporates creative sequencing, mindful breathing, and safe alignment. I strive to create a space that is accessible and uplifting for everyone


Alice Graden


Alice is a 200 hr RYT with training in trauma informed and accessible yoga. She believes that every body is a yoga body and that everyone deserves a chance for joyful movement each day. She is a program coordinator for the Independent Living Blind program at the University of Washington, and avid reader and crocheter.


Shay Huff

Yoga Instructor

I began my yoga practice about 15 years ago and fell in love pretty immediately. It was one of the hardest things I'd ever done, but for some reason, I left class smiling and I couldn't wait to do it again. It was the first time I'd ever been completely at peace with my body. I felt accepted, welcomed even. I was about 70 pounds heavier and I remember feeling so intimidated before walking into the studio that I sat in my car trying to muster up the courage to go in. I was afraid that my body would not look like the other bodies, that my skin would not look like the other skin, that my postures would not look like the other postures. In the end, I found that none of that mattered. Once class began, everything but my breath faded away. I was at peace. I was home.

Yoga has a way of resonating with the core of your very being. It can ground you and make you feel as if you’re walking on air all at once. No two practices are the same.

Yoga demands acceptance of self, presence of mind and patience with body. It shows us where we are imbalanced and gives us an opportunity to realign. It reminds us to breathe. I find that regardless of where I am in life, when I step onto my mat, I feel at peace. “This is where I am meant to be and I am grateful”, whispers through my mind.

Over the years, I have found that there are only a few things I need when I step onto my mat: patience, presence, acceptance, willingness and openness. All of these attributes help me to let my body be wherever it is today without thought of where it was yesterday or where I hope for it to be tomorrow. I can practice without judgement, shame or guilt. I can celebrate being me in my skin, in heart and in my mind. I can be grateful. For me, that's more than enough.

I teach a vinyasa flow that focus on nurturing who we are today, in this moment. I encourage my students to let go of shame, guilt and judgement of self and allow themselves to just be. I love heart and hip openers because they challenge us to be vulnerable. Any chance we have to open ourselves up to more love, more life, we should grab onto it with enthusiasm. My motto is "move through fear. Do your best. Leave the rest behind." See you on the mat.

Shay Huff received her 200-Hour Power Yoga Instructor Certification through Core Power Yoga in winter of 2016.


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Gianna Carotenuto, PhD


Gianna Carotenuto, Ph.D. ~ yogini, professor, art historian, ceremonial leader, spiritual intuitive, published author, leadership coach ~ brings unique methods and skills to awaken innate creative power & transform lives. She sees yoga as a healing path to empower all aspects of our lives.


"Yoga addresses all aspects of who we are.

Counter to popular culture, yoga is not just “hot” exercise but rather a profound ancient system of self-discovery and spiritual exploration designed to bring our lives into alignment and balance. When we pause, look inward and re-learn how to think, feel, and act, we engage our higher wisdom, remap our body, and free our spirit."

Gianna has walked the yoga path since 1990. A dedicated yoga teacher for close to 20 years, she is a Senior Teacher of Forrest Yoga, a dynamic style of yoga that emphasizes healing founded by Ana T. Forrest.  Gianna offers masterful depth and expertise to her students. Her mission is to assist people in redirecting their energies, healing their trauma and cultivating greater understanding and access to their spiritual lives. She uses yoga asana, Insight & Vipassana meditation, Buddhist practice & psychology, and contemporary leadership strategies as tools for self-empowerment.

Beyond yoga. Committed to her own self-empowerment, Gianna has given special dedication to the teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama having studied with him from 1998-2007. She has received transmissions from the Hindu saint Amma-ji, and been a residency student of Tassajara Zen Monastery. She is founder of Spirit Yoga Lodge, leader of Earth and Sky Retreats & Art Residencies, and co-owner of Hot Springs Ranch Nevada. Her signature teachings are  seasonal Yoga Cermonies, Vision Quest Meditations, Spiritual counseling.

Beyond the Mat

"We are all artists of our own lives, in whatever form we choose to express it." Trained as an art historian at UCLA, Gianna's expertise spans ancient to contemporary periods of art, specifically feminism and colonialism in India, China, Japan and Southeast Asia. With 17 years of teaching ~ in realms of body, mind and spirit ~ Gianna blends her interests, passions and professional training on and off the mat. Her commitment is to illuminate how art, education and creativity can transform us as individuals. 

"Yoga is transformative. Each breath creates new neurological pathways. Each asana opens channels of energy that feed our personal transformation. I teach students how to live with courage and commitment, to be honest with themselves and cultivate personal integrity. My aim is to guide them into more beautiful, expressive, artistic and authentic lives."

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Amy Petricek

Yoga Instructor

Yoga found me when I was living in rural Indiana and I was experiencing a crossroads in life. Since there weren’t yoga studios where I was living, my practice started in my home via YouTube yoga classes. It wasn’t until I moved to Seattle in 2017 that I began to regularly practice in a studio. While in an actual studio, I began to hear how yoga was more than just asanas. This was a new idea for me. I became a sponge, eager to learn more, and spending the better part of my week in a studio. This steady return to my mat, began to bring clarity to the overwhelming fog in my life. And that’s when I learned, for myself, that yoga was more than just the asanas. I am still learning and evolving with my practice. But what I love most about teaching is sharing what I’ve learned on my yoga journey while simultaneously gleaning from the wisdom of others. In my classes, you’ll find an inspiring, strong, playful, and caring atmosphere that supports all levels. When I’m not on my mat, I’m sitting along Puget Sound listening to the water, trying new restaurants, writing, baking, or camping.