Melissa Myers

Mental Health Counseling

Welcome to my practice. 

It is my passion to blend ancient philosophies of yoga and wellness with modern anatomy, neurobiology, and trauma research. As we journey thorough life, our life imprints upon us. This happens naturally within the body via the senses and encodes into the body's memory, the nervous system. This sometimes creates habitual holding patterns in the body or mind and/or distorted views of reality based of prior experiences; especially if they were overwhelming, scary, or unpleasant. This is a normal reaction to an abnormal situation. By observing the stories we are telling ourselves to be true, we can create change in how we perceive the world around us.

Recently, the #metoo movement has brought light on the darkness of sexual assault in this world. Anxiety, depression, isolation, fearfulness, and pain are just a few associated symptoms. Our memories live in our mind, as well as the body. Sometimes, talk therapy alone is not enough. If this you, you do not need to face this alone. Along with psychotherapy, I off therapeutic yoga. Modern research has shown a direct link to the clinical effectiveness of incorporating mindfulness and yoga within a therapeutic framework. This unique approach can help decrease chronic pain, PTSD symptoms, and rebalance the nervous system.

I am a licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate in the state of Washington and received my Master of the Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Antioch University here in Seattle. Inspired by the depth of clinical research and my own curiosity, in 2015 I completed my yoga teacher training through a Yoga Alliance approved school and have since been certified in Yin and Restorative yoga. 

Bhramari Seattle provides compassionate professional care to those seeking support, encouragement, and healing with life's complications. Are you ready to share your story?

Website: http://www.bhramariseattle.com

email: melissa@bhramariseattle.com

phone: 206 234 9967

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Kanna Toguchi

Thai Yoga Bodywork

Kanna Toguchi turned to the healing arts when she found herself struggling intensely in life, disconnected with a plethora of health challenges. Through her personal healing journey, she discovered powerful tools that enabled her to reclaim her sense of Self and embrace the samskaras as gifts to align her Heart and Mind. As a heart centered practitioner with over 8 years of experience as a bodyworker & energy healer, Kanna utilizes her IMT Training (Integrated Movement Therapy, a form of holistic therapy) to serve as the foundation of her practice. IMT merges yogic philosophy, movement and spiritual framework with cognitive behavioral therapy, that views each person as complete and whole. As a certified Samarya yoga teacher, former athlete and dancer, her love for intuitive movement and spirituality deeply informs her work. It is her intention to be a guide in a process which embraces the uniqueness of each individual; offering a space for the spheres of the mind, body and spirit to coalesce and communicate harmoniously. She is nourished from sharing her passions and the symbiotic relationship that is generated with her clients; thus empowering people with tools to awaken to their own Truth and Divinity. Above all, it is Kanna's intention to impart the great importance of Self Love and the innate capacity of the body to heal, restore and renew itself. She is honored to co-create with you and bear witness to your unfolding. 

Website: awakenedheartwellness.com

Booking: https://awakenedheartwellness.com/bookings/

Michael Searles

Massage Therapist

Michael Searles Head Shot 121218.png

I started massage when I was a child, intuitively working for my parents, and then friends throughout the years at school. After a confusing teen journey to Tacoma, while pursuing mechanical maintenance jobs I found myself severely injured. My right arm had been trapped in a conveyor belt at work and I was unable to feel or use my right hand.

After a period of healing and self-reflection I found the inspiration to go back to school for massage. I graduated  with honors from Pima Medical Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2009. After practice for a few years I found myself in another period of change. In 2010 my cousin passed away from an overdose, and I searched for meaning in work. I found purpose again through Yoga practice and a deepening understanding of the mind-body expression of pain.

I moved back to Seattle in 2013 and received a certificate of completion from Bellevue Massage School.

I have spent the last year in practice with cooperative care with chiropractors and physical therapists. Working with chronic conditions and illustrating simple self care techniques have brought a renewed sense of meaning to my practice.

My current goals are to learn Thai Massage and to travel to the Polynesian islands and then to Southeast Asia. Learning more massage and yoga and meditation.

I believe that our purpose on this planet is to heal, and our life is a journey where we are blessed  to help others heal while they assist our process.

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10% off the next 2 sessions after you book a first for November and December!

$90 for 60 minute massage (75 min session time)

$120 for 90 minute massage (105 min session time)

First time clients get $15 off their first session. For continued care for the new year, here are some package deals:

(3) 60 min visits is $240, (5) 60 min visits is $350  

(3) 90 min visits is $330,  (5) 90 min visits is $445

Ashlen Hodge

Licensed Massage Therapist: MA60886665

Ashlen has been connecting with people and listening deeply for the majority of her life. Her 15+ years of theater performance and 5+ years of childcare and education have been the outlet for this ability. She learned holistic-treatment focused massage from Discoverypoint School of Massage in a rigorous 750+ hour program that was anatomy informed but mind-body-soul guided.

Ashlen believes whole heartedly that stress is one of the leading factors in ongoing chronic pain, but also believe EVERY BODY has inherent healing. As a massage therapist Ashlen will listen deeply to what the body needs, and work at appropriate depths in the tissue to illicit change. 

She is trained in Relaxation massage, Structure Specific Swedish (deep tissue), Myofascial release, Neuromuscular (for Trigger Point and Tender Point release), Muscle Energy Stretches, and Lymphatic Facilitation for acute or chronic muscular-skeletal injuries, as well as learned techniques in Craniosacral. She is also a Reiki 2 practitioner, seeking Master level. Ashlen is very interested in learning sound healing modalities that use tuning fork work and singing bowls. So stay tuned! 

Each integrative session also includes 15 min of health consultation at the beginning and ending of the massage, so the therapist can thoroughly connect and understand your needs. So for example, a 60 min massage runs 75 min with guaranteed 60 min table time. 

She also enjoys puns, and is looking forward to working with you!

10% off the next 2 sessions after you book a first for November and December!

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Tayler Kurtzman

Licensed Massage Therapist: MA60791049

I started my interest in massage after receiving massage treatments for low back and rotator cuff injuries. I had come to accept that I would live with this pain and discomfort. After a number of sessions I no longer had pain in these areas and was so relieved I could live my life to the fullest again. After leaving my career as a civil engineer behind, I decided I wanted to pursue a path that would not only help others, but allow me to grow as a person. It was these desires that led me to change my career path to massage therapy and Iā€™ve felt fulfilled ever since.

 I graduated from Cortiva Institute of Massage in July 2017 and quickly started learning as much as I could. I took a wide variety of continuing education classes, did extra practice on new skills, and traded with as many experienced therapists as possible to grow my technique. I have come to favor treatment work since I find this work personally the most rewarding to give/receive and it always keeps this career interesting to try and solve the puzzle that is the human body. I use a variety of modalities to accomplish this including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Massage Cupping, and Intraoral Massage.