Hope Clunie


Hope is a Boston native whose years as a dancer led her to yoga at age 14. Shifting her focus in high school from dancing to swimming, yoga was initially just a way to build strength and maintain flexibility. Gradually, her practice became a source of empowerment, a space to be herself, and an effective tool to deal with depression, stress, anxiety and fatigue.

In 2011, Hope became certified to teach yoga and moved across the country to find adventure in Seattle. She adores the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, especially all the water that surrounds the city. In 2013, Hope left the greens and blues of Seattle to study under Ana Forrest in San Francisco. Her experience at this training was profound and gave new life to her passion for teaching and sharing the power of yoga with others.

Hope brings a strong presence and a bright energy to her teaching, allowing space for each student to seek their edge and break through mental and physical boundaries in their practice. Coming from a background in dance and art, Hope's students are encouraged to explore feeling on a deep level through movement and breath. Her teaching guides towards building strength and focus, and maintains thoughtful sequencing and mindful intent in every class. She urges students to take what they discover through their yoga practice and bring it into their life outside the yoga room.

In addition to being a yoga instructor, Hope is a trained print-maker and painter. She has a love for music, the outdoors, and has enjoyed many life changing road trips traveling from Boston to Prince Edward Island, Tennessee, Chicago, and Seattle. Hope has farmed in Nova Scotia, camped in the Badlands of South Dakota, and studied the masters in Florence, Italy.