Jason King


At the core of my approach to yoga is the idea that every path and every practice is unique. Each of us has come to yoga for our own reasons, from our own experiences, and with our own perspectives. Whatever it was that led us to our mat in the first place, so long as we commit to simply show up and engage in this process, most of us find that our destination moves, shifts, and progressively deepens as we continue to develop and explore.

It's this opportunity for perpetual learning, stretching, strengthening, and growing that I'm most interested in cultivating in my classes. Through a commitment to confront our seeming limitations, to discover our edge, and then to find the courage to examine even the most minute potential for growth beyond it... this is what I aim to make available.

Using the foundation of my 200-hour teacher training from the renowned 8 Limbs Yoga Center here in Seattle, I aim to provide a challenging yet balanced and beneficial experience in each of my classes. With a rigorous vinyasa-based flow and dedicated breath work as the vehicles by which we'll travel, you can be sure that the journey will provide no shortage of mindful movement to stretch and strengthen our bodies, breath connection to calm and quiet our minds, and internal inquiry to nourish our souls.

So if you're ready to access that playful curiosity that always awaits you on your mat and to use it to create a greater capacity for peace and comfort within the chaos of everyday life, then come join me for a class sometime soon. Every passing day is another opportunity to mindfully discover more of your true, authentic self... and all that's required is simply your commitment to continuously show up to explore!