Julie Peterson, MPT

Julie graduated from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas in 2005. Since then, she has cultivated a strong “whole-body” approach to how she assesses, treats and educates her patients. She is committed to finding and understanding the root of each person’s problems which allows her to comprehensively treat the cause of their symptoms. Through diverse trainings and studies she has developed an intriguing approach to identify and resolve the back-stories of pain.

At its simplest, her job is to find connections. A complaint of knee pain may stem from an old ankle sprain, a twist to the knee, or a hit to one side of the head.  There is a reason why the body can’t do what is being asked of it.  Is it a hardware problem (joint, bone, muscle) or a software problem (cranial, old scars, dental trauma)? Peterson parses out where the body lives, where it won’t go and why. The ultimate goal is to restore lost options and unwind injury.