Lauren Baker

Lolo the yogi

Lauren is ecstatic to share her love of yoga! She confidently believes yoga creates a happier, healthier, and more intentional life to all.  She is dedicated to her practice; yoga has transformed and healed her soul in an expansive perspective.  She believes yoga can transform anyone’s life and that it all starts within, connecting the mind, body and soul.  Connecting the breath to movement shifts the mindset to being present in practice.  Practicing yoga helps with mindfulness on and off the mat.

Lauren received her Bachelor of Science in Care, Health and Society, minoring in Nutritional Sciences and Business Administration at the University of Arizona.  This is where it all started, her passion and excitement coming to reality. Lauren first received her Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training certificate, and then successfully completed Teacher Training Extensions for another certificate.  The education helped deepen her practice and she was eager to learn more.

Lauren perceives life as a journey, not a destination. Growth is always an opportunity in life.  Lauren chased her dreams and goals to a full immersion, Yoga Teacher Training Retreat in Bali where she obtained her RYT-200 hour vinyasa and hatha certificate.  The yoga teaching education was guided through deep mental involvement within spiritual exploration. Lauren explored stillness, presence and expanding her connection within to listen to her intuition. Lauren’s intention in teaching is to spread awareness in cultivating presence in everyday life being fully immersed in the moment.  Find the beauty in every moment, and explore the connection of listening to your intuition.

Presence cultivates awareness to slow down and observe life in a more expansive perspective.  Yoga is Lauren’s favorite way to feel grounded, as well supported by the earth to blossom and grow.  Lauren hope’s all who attend her classes feel uplifted and inspired as they bring presence to their mind and body. 

Lauren’s class connects a moving meditation, while engaging your mind and body to move gracefully.  Light and love, Namaste yogi’s! 

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” — Gandhi.