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Leah Preble

200 Hour RYT, Yin Yoga

Leah is a native to the northwest.  She has been practicing yoga for over ten years.  She fell in love with yoga slowly.  Yoga did not come effortlessly for Leah but the practice of studying the physical body through movement, while contemplating the inspiration of the teachings generated profound changes in her life.  Similar to her experience as an athlete in her youth, yoga lights up a special part of her that is found in all athletics: uniting the mind with the body, entering a flow state of awareness.  Yoga has helped to heal Leah from challenges with self-esteem and body image,  depression, anxiety, and difficult relationship experiences.  She enthusiastically shares this practice through teaching because of the empowerment and healing that she has witnessed in her own life.  

Each of Leah’s classes incorporate an inspiring and relatable theme.  The vulnerability of storytelling from her teachers is what has kept Leah’s desire for this practice alive and dedicated.  Her classes provide a safe place for the practice of self-exploration, self-compassion, and mindfulness.  Shefayoga in Seattle is where she completed her 200 Hour RYT teacher training, a 50 hour Next Level Leadership Program, and a 50 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training.  Leah has taught various populations: elementary school children at the North Seattle Boys & Girls Club and Hilltop Elementary, young adults at the Ballard Health Center, and students over the age of fifty at New Motion Physical Therapy on Bainbridge Island.      

Leah majored in dietetics at the University of Vermont and continued her studies of nutrition and psychology at Fairhaven College / Western Washington University.  She earned a professional certification from Institute for the Psychology of Eating in Boulder, Colorado.  Leah’s studies in Dynamic Eating Psychology, Mind-Body Nutrition, somatic psychology, ancient Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda influence her yoga classes to be holistically educational.  Through Leah’s teaching, she encourages others to learn how to DEEPLY NOURISH themselves, their individual body and authentic spirit.  Yoga is an amazing way to get to know ourselves more intimately so then we learn how best to nourish ourselves. 

“It is not the body that gets us in to the pose, it is the poses that get us into our body”- Unknown