Meg Heather Ford

Doula Services

My path to birth work has been a circuitous one indeed. Initially drawn to Chinese medicine, I began my acupuncture training at the American College of Oriental Medicine in San Francisco in 2001 and, after moving to Bristol, England to be with my fiance, completed my studies in 2005 with a Professional Licentiate Degree in Acupuncture from the South West College of Oriental Medicine. During this time I received further training in Shiatsu techniques, Indian Head Massage and Detox Auricular Acupuncture. As I developed both a private practice as well as a community based clinic, I was naturally drawn to women’s health and worked with clients around fertility, pregnancy and hormonal health.

After my experience of birthing my own babies at home with the continuous care of NHS midwives, I knew I wanted to birth to be my work. Less drawn to the medical role of a midwife and given my acupuncture training, I knew my skills lay in connecting with women and their families, providing educational, mental and emotional support that seeks above all to honor a woman's innate ability to navigate her own birth and freedom to make informed decisions.

When my family returned to the US in 2010, I transformed my training as an acupuncturist into the work of a birth doula. I attended my first birth in January 2011 and have since supported over 85 births.

I find my own practice of yoga, walking meditation and breathe awareness enhances my work as a doula and I increasingly incorporate this along with my knowledge of acupressure into my work with women and their partners.

I am a certified birth doula with the International Childbirth Education Association. I live in North Ballard, Seattle with my husband and two young boys.

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