Michael Searles

Massage Therapist

Michael Searles Head Shot 121218.png

I started massage when I was a child, intuitively working for my parents, and then friends throughout the years at school. After a confusing teen journey to Tacoma, while pursuing mechanical maintenance jobs I found myself severely injured. My right arm had been trapped in a conveyor belt at work and I was unable to feel or use my right hand.

After a period of healing and self-reflection I found the inspiration to go back to school for massage. I graduated  with honors from Pima Medical Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2009. After practice for a few years I found myself in another period of change. In 2010 my cousin passed away from an overdose, and I searched for meaning in work. I found purpose again through Yoga practice and a deepening understanding of the mind-body expression of pain.

I moved back to Seattle in 2013 and received a certificate of completion from Bellevue Massage School.

I have spent the last year in practice with cooperative care with chiropractors and physical therapists. Working with chronic conditions and illustrating simple self care techniques have brought a renewed sense of meaning to my practice.

My current goals are to learn Thai Massage and to travel to the Polynesian islands and then to Southeast Asia. Learning more massage and yoga and meditation.

I believe that our purpose on this planet is to heal, and our life is a journey where we are blessed  to help others heal while they assist our process.