Vinyasa/Prana Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga – All Levels

Experience the joy and empowering exhilaration of moving through creative flow sequences. Expand your understanding of the body’s potential to move with dynamic breath work, structural integrity and energetic awareness. Students will be encouraged to personalize their practice by exploring unique transitions to flow in and out yoga asanas. We will work on core strength so that we can play with inversions and arm balances (or appropriate modifications). Final relaxation will provide for integration of our practice allowing you to move through your day with clarity, compassion and ease.

Prana Flow Yoga – All Levels

Prana flow is a energy filled, full-spectrum approach to "embodying the flow of yoga", as taught by Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa Collective. This style of yoga encourages students to experience prana, the universal source of life-energy and breath. "Movement, meditation, energetic alignments, chanting, visualizations, chakra work, and pranayama are also often integrated within each class.