Nutritional Therapy

Our bodies are meant to feel good and work well! Nutritional Therapy is a holistic practice of restoring your body’s natural balance through whole foods and customized nutrients. One of the principals of Nutritional Therapy is that every body is different.  Using this "bio-individual" perspective to identify root causes of symptoms and chronic illness, Nutritional Therapy uses an integrative approach to restoring health by honoring the wisdom of the body's innate ability to heal itself. With profound understanding of the body-mind connection, lifestyle changes and other practices such as relaxation, mediation, yoga and movement help restore balance and support healing.

As each person's body is different, so too is their path to wellness.  With great respect for each person's unique journey, the intention is to seek progress over perfection and help people feel better, enjoy life and live abundantly.


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Initial Consultation and Health Assessment -)

During your initial consultation, we identify your goals and using an in-depth nutritional assessment and a hands-on physical evaluation we will begin to connect your symptoms to their root cause.  Once we identify the imbalances and priority needs we will creative a restorative plan customized just to you.

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