Comprehensive Naturopathic Medicine

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Every Sunday 10AM-6PM

Walk-ins welcome, or schedule an appointment online at or by phone: (970)MED-ALLY

Dr. Paul Despres

Dr. Paul is a licensed naturopathic physician always seeking innovate, holistic and natural solutions to treat the true causes of your health complaints. Dr. Paul is a compassionate clinician skilled in a wide range of personalized therapies tailored to meet your health goals and concerns. Dr. Paul works on behalf of Medic Ally, a non-profit striving to bring the best possible medical care to all.

Dr. Paul wants to be your ally in achieving even greater health!


  • IV Nutrient Therapy- B12, Glutathione, high dose Vitamin C, Meyers cocktail and more

  • Comprehensive general care

  • Swedish massage, spinal adjustments, craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation

  • Lab testing- routine blood work, allergy testing, genetics, nutritional analysis, etc.

  • Counseling and Mind-Body medicine (including Biofeedback)

  • Medical marijuana authorizations

  • Herbal medicine and homeopathy

  • Diet and nutritional counseling

  • Detoxification and cleansing protocols

  • Medical-grade supplementation

Safe and effective treatments in support of:

  • Increased energy, concentration and memory

  • Reduced chronic pain and headaches

  • Alleviating stress and anxiety

  • Improved sleep

  • Healing faster from a cold or illness

  • Detox of heavy metal and toxins

  • Cancer treatments

  • Addressing chronic infections

  • Optimizing nutrition and digestion

  • Enhancing physical performance and recovery

  • Healing from trauma and PTSD