Penny Brewer, L.Ac

Let’s get to the root of the problem. I have always been drawn to the Chinese Medical theory of the root and the branch. The branch is the symptom. Western Medicine tends to focus on the branch. If, for example, the branch is pain, the primary treatment option would be drugs to mask the pain. My experience has taught me that pain shouldn’t be buried. Pain is a natural signal that the body is out of balance; pain is the branch.  We often need to dig just a little deeper to find the root cause.

I strive to take the needed time with my patients to explore many potential root causes of a problem – be it pain, insomnia, anxiety or stress. The root cause is often physical, but may also be emotional, spiritual, environmental or some combination of them all.

My personal practice of yoga, massage, acupuncture and herbal medicine has helped me to recognize the profound curative qualities of each. I help my patients determine the best course of action which, in addition to acupuncture, may include lifestyle changes, dietary changes, therapeutic exercise or supplements.

If you suspect that there is a deeper cause to your problems than is being addressed with your current treatments, I welcome the opportunity to work with you. Come on in and we will get to the root of the problem.

My philosophy of practice has evolved over the past few years and currently is this: I want to empower people to come to their own answers. Of course, I can be a guide, offer suggestions and treatment plans - however, unless you, the patient, can experience the benefits for yourself and choose to make changes in your life, things will remain the same.

Science is all about conducting experiments. To really know how to conduct our lives, be it daily rituals/habits and diet, we must try out ways of living. For example, if you cut out sugar from your diet and notice an improvement in your skin, clear-headed thinking, more energy, better sleep - then introduce it back in a month or so later and experience ill-effects, however they may present for you, the likelihood of you adopting a life without or reduced amounts is more likely to stick than if you didn't experience benefits.

There is a saying I learned in Thailand that goes “same same, but different”. While we are the same, we are different. What works for me and my life may not work for you. I can offer suggestions and guidance, however, ultimately, you are the one who decides how you conduct your life and choose your habits/rituals.