Natalie Ervin


After many toe dips into the yoga pool over the years, Natalie joined Kula to deepen her fledgling yoga practice and to welcome a new community into her life. While she is new to yoga, she has a strong administrative background and can be found taking her Down Dog off the mat and into her other role as Practice Manager of a veterinary clinic in North Seattle. 

Outside of work Natalie loves travel, animals, nature walks, photography, making jewelry, and enjoying wine and tacos (and the people who love them).


Jeremy Beliveau

Graphic Design & Website

Jeremy was introduced to yoga at an early age, but didn't fall in love with the practice until sometime in college. Prior to joining the Kula Movement team, he studied music, anthropology, art, web design, museum exhibit design, and more. When not practicing yoga, he likes to spend his free time making music, brewing kombucha, making digital art, and collecting sounds from around Seattle.


Maryam Sharak

Director & management

Maryam spent her childhood in Kuwait, then lived in Cairo, Egypt for nearly a decade. Inspired by this multicultural upbringing, her American & German maternal family, and Egyptian paternal side, she has a strong appreciation for exploring cultures and travel. After a few years in Chicago, she moved to Seattle in the fall of 2015.

Maryam’s growing passion for yoga and wellness prompted her to take her practice from at-home to studio. In addition to yoga and travel, Maryam loves being by the ocean, cooking, hiking and camping, live music, photography, and enjoying great coffee with a book. Clearly this combo translates to loving her new home, Seattle!