Rachel Wallerstedt

Rachel is an Intuitive Development Guide based in North Seattle. Intuition is a way to describe the mind’s ability to solve problems and express creativity without conscious planning. Intuitive development is the process of learning to strengthen our intuition in order to make wise choices, share our gifts with others, and find inner peace. It’s an excellent form of self-care for anxious minds and curious hearts alike. During intuitive development sessions, we use metaphysical tools such as Tarot cards, astrology, and manifestation visualization to guide you on your personal growth adventure.

Rachel has lived most of her life as a practicing witch, focusing on the healing and divinatory aspects of the craft. She is inspired by the spiritual teachings of Wicca, Buddhism, and Mediterranean folk traditions. When she is not performing rituals, Rachel writes about spirituality and its role in our changing world. She is the founder of Storytime Psychic Alliance, a community for people interested in metaphysical and Earth-based spirituality. You can find metaphysical tutorials from Storytime Psychic Alliance on YouTube. 

Rachel lives in Greenwood with her husband and their cat, Lady Hrothgar.