Kristine Wilkerson

Kristine Wilkerson, author of the forthcoming book, “Freeing The Hidden Healer: A Guidebook for Professionals Ready to Come out of Hiding and Embrace Their Life Purpose,” has always been interested in personal and spiritual development. Kristine worked as a trial paralegal and business consultant and then launched and ran a successful fine art gallery and design business for 12 years.

Kristine’s life took a devastating turn in 2004 when her mother suffered a health crisis requiring a year in nursing care before she passed away at the age of 66. Through this experience Kristine realized the importance of living life fully, the length, depth, and breadth of it. This realization ignited a deep dive into her soul. She was drawn to master level training in Shamanism as well as Usui and Karuna Reiki and work in the expressive and healing arts. By being true to herself, her creativity, and her passion Kristine became clear about her life and her role in helping others. Kristine recast herself; transitioning from her legal profession and art gallery ownership, to her passion, a consultant and guide using the expressive and healing arts.

Today, Kristine runs a flourishing business guiding professional women and entrepreneurs to find their calling, open their inner creativity, and achieve their dreams with ease and elegance.


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