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KC Kent


KC Kent, PhD, RMT, RYT

PhD Geneticist, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Outdoor Enthusiast

Western mind, Eastern soul.

KC began her study of yoga in 1998 during college and soon found herself applying the breathing techniques outside of class when stressful situations arose. She became a devoted yoga student as refuge from her western medical studies as well as to a way to develop a community as she has transplanted from Texas to Baltimore to Lake Tahoe to Seattle.

After graduating with a PhD in Human Genetics from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, KC moved to Lake Tahoe, CA to take a break and reset from the lab lifestyle. While teaching snowboarding in Squaw Valley, she suffered significant fall that left her with a concussion and dislodged sacrum. She sought healing by attending 3-4 weekly yoga classes at the Wanderlust Squaw Valley Yoga Studio, and eventually returned there to complete her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2017. In 2019, she attended an additional 25-hour Yoga Nidra advanced training.

KC was first introduced to Reiki as a self-healing tool while navigating the way through her PhD program. Even though skeptical at first, she experienced immediate results and began practicing regularly. She received her Reiki 2 Attunement the same week of defending her PhD thesis in 2011. Subsequently she completed her Reiki Master Training and Attunement in 2014 and followed by Angelic Reiki Attunement in 2017.

KC values spreading the understanding of Reiki beyond those “initiated" as well as adding a hint of levity to the practice. This is why her favorite classes to teach are combinations of yoga and energy work. Her Reiki Restore class mixes yin-based restorative poses infused with reiki energy. She also teaches a class called Hatha Plus, which is a blend of traditional asana movement with a variety of playful additions (chanting, Reiki, breathwork, and more) to experience more connection in your body and the world.

To find out more about her journey and how she blends science, energy, and intuition to help light your wellness path check out her business Apothecary of Light at


Kathy Gorohoff

Yoga Instructor

Kathy has been practicing yoga since 2003 after the birth of her first daughter. She found yoga as a wonderful way to move her body slowly and gently after pregnancy. While continuing to practice, she discovered that yoga was much more than a way to get in shape. Once her second daughter was born, yoga was a way for her to relax, connect with Self and find center. Yoga continues to help her stay grounded and is a wonderful compliment to her love of running and hiking.

In 2015 – 2016, Kathy and her family spent 9 months traveling around the country in a truck camper, while she was not able to pop into a yoga class in every town she visited, she did get to visit a good handful of studios to keep her practice up and developed her  own yoga routine that she could do in the confines of her camper. When returning home from the trip, she knew that the next journey was to follow her love of yoga and dive into yoga teacher training. She received her 200 hour RYT through Synergy Yoga School with a focus on Vinyasa flow yoga, yoga philosophy and Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga. This training has prepared her to follow her path to teaching gentle and energetic Vinyasa classes around the Seattle area.


Rosalie Battah


Rosalie has been enjoying the benefits of yoga for almost ten years. Over the years she has gone from being a dedicated student to a dedicated teacher. Forrest yoga specifically has strengthened her mind and body to be open to the unexpected while reflecting inward and breathing through challenges.

Also a talented glass artist, Rosalie regularly works with world-renowned and local glass masters. She notices how yoga and glass blowing offer a practice of fluid and synchronized skilled movements that create unique, intentional, and beautiful results. Rosalie appreciates how processes vary day to day and enjoys how both a beginner and an experienced practice can result in creative, new information for reflection.

Rosalie aims to construct a playful environment where she offers opportunities for all levels of learners. She is careful to create a safe and individualized practice for her students and suggests modifications for different levels and for specific injuries.



Yoga Instructor

Yoga has been with me now for more than half of my life.  Through the highs and the lows, my practice has always been there as an anchor to support me.  Connection to body, mind and spirit is the most beneficial way I have found to overcome challenges, as well as celebrate them.

My teaching directly reflects my practice, mirroring an ever expanding curiosity to learn and grow.  Through alignment, creative sequencing and breath work, I have had a ‘peeling back the layers of an onion’ experience, revealing ways to show up in life with both strength and tenderness.  When you enter my class, be prepared to learn first from your inner teacher and know I will always be there to support you in your journey on the mat.  Like most things in life, remember the hardest part usually is showing up.

I received my 200 hour certification in vinyasa yoga at Kindness Yoga in Denver, CO in 2014. Currently, I am finalizing my completion of the 500 hour certification program through Kindness Yoga. My continued education includes more than 30 hours of concentration in anatomy and bio-mechanics.

Mary Kay Bisignano-Vadino


Mary Kay Bisignano-Vadino is passionate about the transformative power of yoga. She believes that yoga has something to offer everyone looking to find a greater level of health, happiness and peace. She began practicing 14 years ago while recovering from an injury that interrupted her life as a dancer. Yoga quickly became an integral part of her life. As a professional dancer, choreographer and dance teacher, she has spent most of her life pursuing movement as an expressive art form. Yoga has heightened her awareness of, and deepened her commitment to living fully in mind, body and spirit. Mary Kay completed the 200 hour RYT Teacher Training program at Pacific Yoga under the instruction of Kathryn Payne and Theresa Elliot. She has studied many forms of yoga with a primary focus on the Iyengar, Universal and Baptiste styles. She is grateful to have found inspirational teachers here in Seattle, including Ricardo das Neves, Katerina Wen, Liz Doyle, Anna Davis, Sean Castor, Theresa Elliot and Katherine Payne. She has taught yoga to youth, teens and adults in a variety of private and public settings including Dance Fremont, University YMCA and the Seattle Public Schools. She also volunteers her time as an instructor with Street Yoga, providing yoga for homeless and at risk youth. Mary Kay is dedicated to sharing her love for yoga to students of all ages and levels of experience with a sense of curiosity, compassion and joy.

Emily Rose


Emily strives to promote an atmosphere of comfort, support, and expression in her yoga classes. She has studied movement as an art and therapeutic practice for several years and enjoys working collaboratively as an educator, performer, and therapist.

In her growth as a yoga instructor, Emily has specialized in prenatal yoga and restorative yoga: including exploration in the healing art of Reiki and energy work. Emily has grown passionate about teaching prenatal yoga to women in all stages of pregnancy. It is her hope to empower women in this transitional stage of life to confidently discover their intuitive wisdom as well as prepare for the process of labor with greater awareness of themselves and their baby. Ultimately, Emily loves guiding students in a safe space to relax, release, and indulge while connecting to body and heart.

While delving deeper into the body/mind/spirit connection Emily was pulled to the city of Chicago to study Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling at Columbia College Chicago where she completed a master’s and thesis study exploring medical trauma and the integration of yoga and Dance/Movement Therapy as a method of healing and transformation. As a result, Emily has grown passionate about how yoga and movement can serve as a ritual for self­study, healing, and emotional grounding.

Amanda Hilson


Amanda initially got hooked on yoga ten years ago while living in NYC, seeking a way to cope with a challenging work/life schedule. Realizing that through the practice of yoga she could strengthen her body, calm her mind, and see myriad benefits from the practice present themselves in all areas of her life – particularly heightened ease, awareness, elegance and strength – she became increasingly drawn to her practice and was eventually inspired to share it with others. In each class Amanda teaches, she strives to share these benefits with her students. 

Amanda received her initial 200-Hour Training at Yoga Vida in NYC, and also completed her Pre/Postnatal Training at 8 Limbs in Seattle. With an MFA in Acting from the University of Washington, and specialization in Suzuki and Alexander Technique, her vinyasa classes blend rigorous flow with close attention to breath and alignment, while encouraging individuals to find freedom and spaciousness through their movement. She particularly enjoys leading prenatal classes, and strives to help each individual practice deep inner listening to trust the wisdom of their body, and find an appropriate balance between strength and ease, readiness and presence.

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Leah Preble

200 Hour RYT, Yin Yoga

Leah is a native to the northwest.  She has been practicing yoga for over ten years.  She fell in love with yoga slowly.  Yoga did not come effortlessly for Leah but the practice of studying the physical body through movement, while contemplating the inspiration of the teachings generated profound changes in her life.  Similar to her experience as an athlete in her youth, yoga lights up a special part of her that is found in all athletics: uniting the mind with the body, entering a flow state of awareness.  Yoga has helped to heal Leah from challenges with self-esteem and body image,  depression, anxiety, and difficult relationship experiences.  She enthusiastically shares this practice through teaching because of the empowerment and healing that she has witnessed in her own life.  

Each of Leah’s classes incorporate an inspiring and relatable theme.  The vulnerability of storytelling from her teachers is what has kept Leah’s desire for this practice alive and dedicated.  Her classes provide a safe place for the practice of self-exploration, self-compassion, and mindfulness.  Shefayoga in Seattle is where she completed her 200 Hour RYT teacher training, a 50 hour Next Level Leadership Program, and a 50 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training.  Leah has taught various populations: elementary school children at the North Seattle Boys & Girls Club and Hilltop Elementary, young adults at the Ballard Health Center, and students over the age of fifty at New Motion Physical Therapy on Bainbridge Island.      

Leah majored in dietetics at the University of Vermont and continued her studies of nutrition and psychology at Fairhaven College / Western Washington University.  She earned a professional certification from Institute for the Psychology of Eating in Boulder, Colorado.  Leah’s studies in Dynamic Eating Psychology, Mind-Body Nutrition, somatic psychology, ancient Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda influence her yoga classes to be holistically educational.  Through Leah’s teaching, she encourages others to learn how to DEEPLY NOURISH themselves, their individual body and authentic spirit.  Yoga is an amazing way to get to know ourselves more intimately so then we learn how best to nourish ourselves. 

“It is not the body that gets us in to the pose, it is the poses that get us into our body”- Unknown     


Camille Dodson


Camille has been practicing yoga for 9 years and teaching for 6. Her passion for teaching yoga to kids and teens was sparked after leading yoga classes at a summer camp in 2011. Seeing the power that yoga had to positively influence the next generation, she went on to pursue a Master’s Degree in International Child Studies and study the benefits of yoga and mindfulness for teenagers. She also obtained a special teaching certificate in teaching yoga and mindfulness to teenagers. In 2014, she earned her 200hr RYT in San Diego and moved to Seattle in 2016. She then began teaching adult classes as well as classes for kids and tweens in elementary and preschools around Seattle. Her true passion is in teaching mothers and daughters yoga together and believes that yoga is the key to a healthy lifestyle from childhood through adulthood. 

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Bill Litwin


Bill began practicing Yoga more than 15 years ago to compliment his love of trail and long distance running. He received his Hatha training certification at the Hatha Yoga Center in the University District of Seattle, studying under the guidance of Bob Smith and Ki McGraw. He has also been fortunate to practice under instructors Alec Davis, Connie Fisher and Will Doran. His move from student to teacher began in 2015 to bring the benefits he had come to experience through yoga and meditation to other people including athletes and seniors. He also teaches at the Olympic Athletic Club, Hatha Yoga Center, Greenwood Senior Center and the Phinney Neighborhood Association. Bill has been a glassblower for more than 25 years and founded Olympic Mountain Glassworks and Bella Glass Unlimited, both located in the Fremont area of Seattle. Through my teaching I hope to inspire students to pursue a healthy lifestyle and come to respect the cultural roots and ancient traditions of Yoga.

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Kelvin Kleinman

Yoga Instructor

I first started my yoga journey along with dances classes while in college, as an art student studying Eastern Philosophy at Fairhaven College in Bellingham.  After college, yoga unfortunately got dropped and I worked in restaurants and kitchens for many years. I then became an organic farmer for 8 years, teaching permaculture to students from around the world. I also worked at my community food Co-op kitchen in Mount Vernon, Washington. 

I again began a regular yoga practice for several years, and moved back to Seattle after selling my farm to work for an Educational Company, with which I have helped facilitate over 1500 pro-bono community projects that have impacted the Pacific Northwest and the world. Some of these projects include donating musical instruments along with music lessons for foster kids, feeding the homeless, preventing teen suicide, building a pediatric HIV hospital in Africa, and helping veterans heal from PTSD by going fly fishing and horseback riding. I have done all of this while starting a successful new career in real estate.

In 2016, I again began a regular daily practice doing Bikram style yoga. In December 2016, I completed Vinyasa Teacher Training and am registered with Yoga Alliance RYT 200. I have been teaching Vinyasa, Yin, and Yoga Nidra for the last year at Yoga Family Inc., a studio in Maple Valley with an emphasis on kids and families. I practice almost every day. I have been certified in Yin Yoga with Soma Yoga. I have also been certified to teach restorative yoga, and teach "Forrest-inspired" yoga. I have completed both Street Yoga and Yoga Behind Bars trauma informed trainings. 

I love yoga and people that love yoga and intend to have this community flourish, thrive, and grow, and be a contribution to our community and the world.




Elizabeth Cunningham

Yoga Instructor

I became a yoga teacher because when I practice yoga my life works. I wanted to give that to other people. What I love about teaching yoga, is creating a space where people center themselves and are left empowered after class. My style of teaching is closest to Vinyasa. If you take my class you will not only test your limits physically but mentally, as well. 

I have been practicing yoga for 15 years and I have been teaching for 3 years. I have received my 200 Hour Yoga Teaching Certificate and I also have 50 Hours of additional teacher training and coaching. I am registered under the Yoga Alliance.

Jen Minnich Feb2018.JPG


Yoga Instructor

As a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Registered Yoga Teacher, Jen is dedicated to helping students deepen their intuitive connection between mind and body at any skill level. Jen is passionate about building a supportive community of people ready to support each other on their own journeys. You will find her yoga sequences are dynamic, playful, and flowy. You'll never hurt her feelings if you would like to stay in savasana for the entirety of class. She thinks that sounds lovely too.



Yoga Instructor

I began practicing yoga about 12 years ago as a form of working out and as a means of supporting my dance practice. I was a competitive dancer for 12 years and danced overall for 18 years, and for me dance and movement has always been a means of self-expression beyond what I can convey with words.

I attended the University of Texas at Austin and during college I spent about 2 to 3 years practicing Bikram yoga. I then moved to Houston, TX after school where I mostly practiced vinyasa yoga. In 2016 I completed my RYT-200 yoga certification as a way to grow in my own practice and with the intention of being able to contribute to the community. One reason I love yoga is the experience I have of myself on my mat and knowing myself as loving and powerful, and my hope is to leave my students with the experience of knowing themselves in a new and empowering way.  

In 2017 I hopped in the car with my dog and cat and drove from Houston to Seattle, and love it here so far. Off the mat I am a tax consultant and CPA and enjoy exploring this new city.

Amanda Rose Head Shot.jpeg

Amanda Rose

RYT 300 Hour

Amanda began practicing yoga in 2010 and found that along with strength and a good sweat came self-confidence and a more focused mind. In her classes, Amanda strives to create a welcoming atmosphere that enables her fellow yogis to feel well-cared for, confident in body and calm in mind. Her sensation-based cues will allow a close connection to what muscles are working in postures and increased body awareness.

Amanda graduated from Twist Yoga School 200 hour teacher training and also teaches barre. She works as a fiber and watercolor artist and when not in either studio she can be found with her husband and two dogs exploring the magnificent Pacific Northwest.

Erin Allan.jpg

Erin Allan
MA, ERYT-200

I found yoga through my personal search for a healthy way to deal with stressful situations and have since become profoundly passionate about it. Since the first time I stepped on a mat over 20 years ago, something deep inside pulled me to this incredible practice.  I allowed distractions to get in the way of this for many years before I realized that for me, yoga is life.  I left my career as a mental health therapist and followed my dream of teaching yoga in 2013, and have since taught over 1,500 classes in a vast array of settings, to all types of people. I lead many different types of classes: restorative, basics, hatha, vinyasa, and power.  I approach yoga from a lighthearted perspective; I enjoy having fun in practice and encourage others to do the same.  I love helping people get in touch with their bodies, helping them to find presence, reminding them to love and accept their beautiful selves!  I want everyone who steps into my class to feel welcome and know that they have a home there.  Off the mat you will find me pursuing my other passion, cannabis; which is the field to which I’ve dedicated the past several years of my professional life.  I have found pure magical bliss in combining the practice of yoga with cannabis, and have recently been lucky enough to share this amazing practice with others.

Danielle MadGregor Pic.jpeg

Danielle MacGregor


Danielle was originally drawn to yoga for the physical benefits and the fact that she enjoyed something that allowed her to feel healthy while also avoiding the gym. A slow progression to start, she was eventually led to her passion for the mind-body connection.
Danielle completed her teacher training in 2015 in Seattle, focusing on Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Restorative, Yin, and Sculpt in a hot studio. Shortly after, she moved to Southeast Asia, where she taught English and Yoga for 3 years. During her off time, she took every opportunity to explore, learn and dabble in other modalities by attending yoga retreats, workshops and trainings across the region. She obtained a certification of Thai Yoga Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand, trained in innerdance (a music based meditation practice) on its home island of Palawan in the Philippines, and volunteered in a Vipassanā meditation retreat in a Buddhist Nunnery in Myanmar, along with attending numerous workshops in her free time.
Danielle enjoys bringing it all together in her yoga classes. You can expect a combination of a well-rounded, physical flow, paired with restoration, relaxation and pranayama. Her classes combine music with movement and meditation to allow people an easeful transition out of the externally-driven mind. She believes deeply that yoga is a lifestyle that goes far beyond the postures we do in a class, but we can learn a lot from the asana (postures). These postures lead to a philosophy and a state of being that transforms you in your everyday life.

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Biancana Brown

Certified RYT 200

Biancana teaches an inspired and strong vinyasa flow class, peppered with cirque strength and flexibility technique. She also delights in offering hatha classes with a focus on splits and back bending. She has been practicing yoga since 2008 and circus arts such as aerial fabric, hand balancing, and contortion since 2016. She loves to offer innovative classes that encourage students to push past their own limits in a sweet and loving way. Students can expect to leave class feeling uplifted, strong, and centered. 



Shumit Vatsal

Shumit was born in an Iyengar family in the small town of Salem in South India where bakthi and karma yoga was practiced regularly. Shumit formally got certified as a Yoga Siromani “Jewel on a crown of yoga” at the Sivananda Madurai Ashram.

Shumit teaches a classical hatha yoga sequence as taught in the ashrams in India. The class introduces students to yoga in its holistic form for the student to receive physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Students learn and experience Swami Vishnudevananda’s 5 points of yoga – proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper asana, proper meditation and proper diet. The class is designed for the students to go deeper into themselves and thus does not have music or heat.

Shumit’s own spiritual path is Vipassana meditation. Vipassana means seeing things as they are. It is one of the oldest forms of meditation and is the same technique that the Buddha used for his enlightenment. As a part of his spiritual practice, Shumit attends two 10 day silent retreats every year and maintains a 2 hour daily practice.” 


Chelsea Spicer

After a decade as an avid yogi, Chelsea took the next step in her practice by completing the Life of an Urban Yogi 200-hr teacher training. Since then, she has deepened her education in the schools of yin yoga, teaching teens, and the divine feminine. Chelsea has been teaching and leading workshops at studios and festivals across the northwest, and recently developed a unique style of yoga she calls Lunar Yoga. A self-proclaimed moonchild, Chelsea’s practice is closely aligned with the lunar cycle. Her classes draw inspiration from natural elements as well as the wisdom traditions of yoga and psychology, and any other juicy tidbits Chelsea collects throughout her journey. Her classes feature fun, creative sequencing, an eclectic soundtrack to get your body moving, and intentional theming to help you take your yoga off the mat.



Yoga Instructor

Shaina is a passionate and energized wellness professional. Her first experience in yoga comes from using it as a tool for injury prevention while running track and later to complete a marathon  It was when she found herself in a Bikram studio that she realized she could find more in her yoga practice, it was more than breathe and movement. Yoga showed up again in college and this is where she learned the power of practicing meditation and a “well examined life”. 

Shaina aspires to create space for healing and transformation in her yoga classes. You can expect encouragement grounded in compassion when taking her classes. 

In her free time you can find Shaina in the kitchen,  reading books and expanding her knowledge of wellness. She enjoys the simple pleasures nature provides like plants, furry friends, water and mountains.

erica williams.jpg


Yoga Instructor

Erica Williams first became acquainted with yoga as prescription to heal her marathon runner’s hips back in 2007 as she was studying English at Boston College. What began as a physical practice, quickly became an invitation to deeper experiences of mental and emotional clarity, inner contentment and spiritual growth.

She completed her first 200 hour RYT training in 2009 through Africa Yoga, an Ashtanga-style yoga school in Kampala, Uganda where she had been doing health advocacy volunteer work. She began teaching yoga in Whitefish, Montana before eventually moving to Seattle to pursue a Master’s in Social Work degree and begin a career in healthcare.

She completed a second extended 200 hour RYT training through Whitefish’s Shanti Yoga, that helped strengthen her commitment to the more subtle aspects of the practice. Erica’s teaching comes from a solid foundation of practicing and studying different styles of Hatha Yoga, with a focus on alignment and energetic principles for the purpose of inner development. She is most interested in inspiring her students to develop a practice that follows the wisdom of the heart. It is her sincere intention to share the true gift of yoga-a road map to the spiritual Self. 

Katherine Boury97.jpg

Katherine Boury

Certified RYT 200

Yoga came into Katherine Boury's world almost 20 years ago help heal the injuries from a car accident and she has been a regular practioner ever since.

Katherine has tried many styles and variations of yoga which inspired her to become an instructor. She completed training and registered with Yoga Alliance RYT 200. She has been certified in both Yin and Restorative Yoga.

Katherine believes it is a honor to be teaching yoga and values of the benefit of yoga to strengthen both the body and the mind. She believes that with the continued practice of yoga that which no longer serves us begins to fall away and allows us to live more authentically.

Professionally, she has worked in nonprofit communications for the last fifteen years including doing ten years of public affairs in disaster response. Yoga became very stabilizing for her while deploying to disaster responses. She is a also a cancer survivor and values how yoga can positively help people during and after treatment.