• Jennifer Weston

  • Kanna Toguchi


Jennifer Weston

Thai Yoga Bodyworker

Hatha, Yin, Restorative & Yoga Nidra Certified RYT 200

Thai Yoga Bodywork (By Donation)

Often described as assisted yoga or the "lazy person's yoga," Thai Yoga Bodywork aims to balance the physical and energetic bodies through a mix of intentional breathing, assisted stretching, and rhythmic, mindful movements. Unlike most Western bodywork, which is done on a table, Thai Yoga Bodywork is performed on a comfortable mat (much like a futon) on the floor. Both the practitioner and recipient remain clothed throughout the practice, so you'll want to wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move and breathe freely. This unique offering is being brought to Kula by Jennifer Weston, who recently completed her traditional Thai bodywork training in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Jennifer's intention in offering these by-donation sessions is to share what she's learned about this beautiful practice with the Kula community while also keeping her skills fresh as she continues her bodywork studies here in Seattle. Suggested donation range is $44 to $99 per 60-minute session; please opt for an amount that feels aligned for you, given your unique situation and resources.

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Kanna Toguchi

Thai Yoga Bodywork

Kanna Toguchi turned to the healing arts when she found herself struggling intensely in life, disconnected with a plethora of health challenges. Through her personal healing journey, she discovered powerful tools that enabled her to reclaim her sense of Self and embrace the samskaras as gifts to align her Heart and Mind. As a heart centered practitioner with over 8 years of experience as a bodyworker & energy healer, Kanna utilizes her IMT Training (Integrated Movement Therapy, a form of holistic therapy) to serve as the foundation of her practice. IMT merges yogic philosophy, movement and spiritual framework with cognitive behavioral therapy, that views each person as complete and whole. As a certified Samarya yoga teacher, former athlete and dancer, her love for intuitive movement and spirituality deeply informs her work. It is her intention to be a guide in a process which embraces the uniqueness of each individual; offering a space for the spheres of the mind, body and spirit to coalesce and communicate harmoniously. She is nourished from sharing her passions and the symbiotic relationship that is generated with her clients; thus empowering people with tools to awaken to their own Truth and Divinity. Above all, it is Kanna's intention to impart the great importance of Self Love and the innate capacity of the body to heal, restore and renew itself. She is honored to co-create with you and bear witness to your unfolding.