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Yoga Workshops & Ceremony with Greg Jamiel

Fire Ceremony - Fri, April 28, 6-8pm

In this unique, candlelit ceremony, you will learn more about Grandfather Fire; how to work with it, how to sit with it, and most importantly the role this deeply ingrained and transformative element plays in our life. This ceremony blends asana (yoga postures), shamanic elements, and a guided meditation, allowing you to create a Sacred Space to set intentions for your future.

Courageous Evolution - Sun, April 30, 2017, 9-11am

Join Greg & Kelley Rush for a beautiful & unique personal development workshop that will incorporate yoga asana, Ayurvedic principles for well-being, self care practices, journaling, and Ceremony. Greg & Kelley created this powerful process that calls on many areas of your life to help you courageously evolve, grow, and connect closer with your Spirit!

Single Workshop: $30 early, $40 after 4/20

2 Workshops: $50 early, $70 after 4/20