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Introduction to Circus Hand Balancing w/Clara Scudder-Davis

Handstands are a great way to tune into your body and breath and they offer a fresh (upside down) perspective on life.

This workshop will give you the tools to be comfortable training freestanding handstands by yourself. You will learn a progression that will lead to gaining strength, flexibility and mental readiness to achieve hand balancing goals as well as learn how to fall out of a handstand safely and how to spot a partner.

We will warm up with yoga and then explore balance, strength and alignment exercises that will give you a solid foundation to take your inversion practice to a higher level efficiently.

If you are curious about learning to stand on your hands or have been working on handstands but are eager to balance in the middle of the room, this workshop is for you. 

Single Workshop Price: $30 Early Bird, $40 Regular
w/Intermediate Balancing Workshop: $50 Early Bird, $70 Regular