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Traversing Neck and Shoulders with Charlie Pentland

Explore the Forrest!

Follow Charlie Pentland on a journey through your comfort zone to discover the secrets of your own energy. Using twists to unlock stagnant force, you'll follow your breath inside and gain a new perspective on your own internal terrain. Traverse the ridge-line of the shoulders, habitually clenched and home to tremendous strength; learn the mystery of the release of the neck; accept the challenge to unlock the hips. Learn to follow the trail-markers of your intuition for inner guidance, as you work in Beauty and Truth. 

Creating an environment rich in possibilities and positivity, Charlie Pentland guides students through the ins and outs of Forrest Yoga with the knowledge, care, and attention to detail demanded by such an exceptional practice. With a strong emphasis on therapeutic practice and a keen eye for the needs of the individual, he provides inspiring leadership, challenging classes, and real, down to earth yoga. 

Wring out your energy, shake off your stiffness, and come explore the trails of the Forrest with Charlie, for an adventure inward from the comfort of your yoga mat!