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Street Yoga Benefit Workshop - Yoga Nindra: Unlocking Your Heart's Desires

This will be a gentle restorative practice of basic heart opening postures followed by a guided meditation known as Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep. During which you will tune into your inner voice and your heart’s desire. You will then begin to create a Sankulpa, a resolve or an intention for yourself to begin to guide your life from. This new resolve will empower you to take new actions in your life which will lead to new results. You will find yourself naturally guiding and focusing your life toward that which inspires or breathes life into you. You will find yourself more creative, more passionate, and more alive. You will find yourself trusting yourself and listening to and to fulfilling your heart’s desire. Long held concerns or worries about knowing what to do will fall away and you will find yourself more self-expressed in all areas of your life.

YOGALOVE raises money for Street Yoga programs through benefit classes at participating studios across Seattle & the Eastside - all throughout the month of April! Funds raised will help Street Yoga bring the healing benefits of yoga & mindfulness to youth facing adversity, homelessness & trauma in the year ahead.