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8000 Drums: Summer Solstice Workshops


8000 Drums Prophecy Joins with Kundalini Yoga and Sacred Tantric Sound of Healing

This two-hour event, will be blessed with the sacred message of the Otomi Toltec Nation and cleanse with sacred Sage. Followed by a Kundalini Yoga series to prepare your body and mind for the experience of the sacred diad. Each mantra and mudra are a gift from our original ancestors of the East (Tantric Sound Healing). This day is a time to reconnect with you in the mirror of another. 

// June 21 (7:30pm-9:30pm) //

$45 pre-registration per day // $55 at the door  

Night 2: Unity Dance

One Nation, One Humanity, One Heartbeat on One Earth

This second day two-hour event builds on the first. Day one we are reminded that we are the mirror reflection of each other. Day two reminds us that we are all golden star dust and we are one humanity arriving to earth for healing of our soul’s heart path. 

*Sacred 8000 Drums Prophecy and ceremonial cleansing
*Diad with Sacred Tantric Healing Sound Vibration
*Moving beyond ourselves as one healing energy of love
*Kundalini Yoga Movements to prepare the body and mind 

// June 22 (7:30pm-9:30pm) //

$45 pre-registration per day // $55 at the door  

Night 3: Sacred Drum Crafting

Learn to craft you own healing drum 

  • Sacred ceremonial opening to gratitude to all the kingdoms that gave their lives to this day in the crafting of the sacred drum for the heart beat of healing mother earth 

  • Bring your rattles 

  • Bring your shakers 

  • Bring your drums 

  • Bring your children 

  • Bring you voice 

  • Bring your celebrational dress 

  • Bring your loving heart and soul in Laughter and Joy 


// June 23 (6:00pm-10:00pm) // $200 (Includes Materials)

Earlier Event: June 9
All Levels Meditation Workshop