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Kirtan with Shumit Vatsal


One method to control the mind is the path of bhakti, devotion or unselfish love. Bhatki yoga is one of the paths of yoga and is love for love’s sake. Kirtan is one of the key components of bhakti yoga and is the easiest, surest and quickest means to center the mind. Kirtan is surrendering to something bigger than us through devotion (bhava), love (prem) and faith (sraddha). In Kirtan, people join together and sing verses in a common place with accompaniment of musical instruments such as harmonium, cymbals and drums.

Kirtan is an excellent method of soothing the nerves and directing the emotions to a positive goal. It is a powerful mental tonic and gives us strength to face the difficulties that life throws at us. Kirtan is a form of music and music is nada yoga – the yoga of sound. The musical notes and the Sanskrit words vibrate in the subtle channels (nadis), purifies them and awakens the psychic and spiritual power dormant in them.

Bring a percussion instrument if you have one.

Price of admission is $20.

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