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Yin + Yang Fusion with Sarah Erter

There is much to be explored in the complementary practices of stillness and movement. Join Sarah Erter for a monthly Yin + Yang inspired practice. The fusion of Yin + Yang energies promotes holistic and balanced well-being by supporting and stimulating the dynamic and passive functions of the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems of the body while simultaneously nourishing and replenishing the nervous system and mind. The Yin portion of class will include poses that are held for time to address the deeper framework of connective tissue within the musculoskeletal system while promoting rest and replenishment of energy. The Yang portion of class will build into a mindful slow movement to support the strength and stability of the cardiovascular system while simultaneously promoting the circulation of energy throughout the body. Supportive techniques from the complementary modalities of meditation, mindfulness, pranayama, and qigong will be offered to nurture the experiences of stillness and calm movement. This offering will share inspiration from Traditional Chinese Medicine with an emphasis on poses to promote the flow of energy (Qi) through lines of energy (meridians) that correspond to the body, the mind, the seasons, the five elements, and nature.

Cost: $30