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Ganja Yoga

Combining cannabis and yoga is a healing ritual that has persisted through the ages. Although ancient yogis discovered the therapeutic effects of this practice long ago, the modern-day implementation has never been more relevant and necessary. Many of us live our lives in a constant state of stress and reaction to life and its challenges, whether from media bombardment, overstimulation, or navigating a never-ending list of pressures and responsibilities from work, family, and our modern day-to-day life. These stressors have a formidable impact on body, mind, and spirit. Rarely do we make or find time to be still and simply allow life to be what it is. As a result, some of us can feel a separation from ourselves. The word Yoga means union, to bring and yoke together: Ganja Yoga can be a way of balancing oneself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Connecting all aspects of oneself to each other in balance, peace of mind, and joy, in a supportive community environment. Bringing these two activities together creates space for intense mystical experiences, possibly resulting in a profound shift in awareness. This workshop will give us all a chance to connect with others on the same journey. Let’s explore this magic together!

NOTE: This is a 21 and over event.

About the yoga: This will be a slow and restful practice incorporating reflection and promoting tranquility. Everybody is welcome here. If you are new to yoga, cannabis, or both, consider this a safe place and great opportunity to explore. We will spend time luxuriating in each stretch, allowing space to delve deeper inside and harmonize ourselves.

6:45 – Doors open
7:00 – Introductions and cannabis informational session
7:30 – Short Break to reset the room and prepare for Ganja Yoga Practice
7:45 – Ganja Yoga practice
8:45 – Completion and wrapping up

Cost: $30

What your ticket includes

·      30% off products at (Lux) Pot Shop Ballard – Make your purchase in the shop anytime before class, let the Budtender know you are attending Ganja Yoga, and show them your event purchase receipt email for validation. You can preorder products on their website at

·      A mindful guided yoga practice interwoven with cannabis education

What to bring:

·      Feel free to partake before your arrival!

·      Please be sure to bring valid identification, either drivers license or passport. Because this is strictly a 21 and over event, you will not be admitted without it.

·      Wear comfy clothes and make sure to bring along your own mat, they are also available to rent at the studio.  Also, a water bottle, and any soft items (sweatshirt, blanket, pillow, etc.) you wish to make the ground a little cozier.

·      An open mind and open heart.

About the Instructor: Erin Allan, MA, RYT-200 is a Ganja Yoga Certified instructor. You will see Erin light up when she talks about cannabis and yoga, a practice she is immensely passionate about that completely transformed her own life. So passionate in fact, that she left a career as a mental health counselor in 2012 and dedicated all her time to learning as much about these topics as possible. She has since taught thousands of hours of various types of yoga and has held multiple positions within the cannabis industry. Erin is overjoyed at the opportunity to share the gift of ganja yoga. With intentional use and careful guidance, she will explore with you the healing power that this sacred practice offers to connect mind and body in new and profound ways.

*** Feel free to reach out to Erin directly with any unanswered questions in the ‘Contact Us’ section at ***

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