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Vinyasa/Prana Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga – All Levels

Experience the joy and empowering exhilaration of moving through creative flow sequences. Expand your understanding of the body’s potential to move with dynamic breath work, structural integrity and energetic awareness. Students will be encouraged to personalize their practice by exploring unique transitions to flow in and out yoga asanas. We will work on core strength so that we can play with inversions and arm balances (or appropriate modifications). Final relaxation will provide for integration of our practice allowing you to move through your day with clarity, compassion and ease.

Prana Flow Yoga – All Levels

Prana flow is a energy filled, full-spectrum approach to "embodying the flow of yoga", as taught by Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa Collective. This style of yoga encourages students to experience prana, the universal source of life-energy and breath. "Movement, meditation, energetic alignments, chanting, visualizations, chakra work, and pranayama are also often integrated within each class.



All Levels Welcome

How often do you stop, truly relax, and connect with yourself?

Restorative yoga is a powerful healing practice that deepens our relationship to stillness and silence. It addresses the issues we store in our tissues and organs, balances the nervous system, and optimizes the overall energy flow. When you are in passive postures supported by props, using no muscular effort, the focus is on relieving the grip of muscular and inner tension. From that more spacious and receptive space, feelings and emotions are allowed to be released. When our body, mind, and spirit come to balance, our life becomes balanced.


Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra, or "yogic sleep", is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping in which the body, mind, and emotions are completely relaxed yet the practitioner remains fully conscious. This deep, relaxing state is achieved through guided breathing excersises and meditation, usually while lying down comfortably. 
During yoga nidra, one's brain is immeresed in the healing waves of alpha state, where one's subconscious mind is open to healthy and positive suggestions, and where deep relaxation aligns the nervous system to restore the body and mind to homeostasis, manifest desires with intentions and affirmations, and even liberate oneself from their karma. 
The practice of yoga nidra has been known to reduce stress, anxiety, and tension, as well as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 



Forrest Yoga

Forrest Yoga helps you connect to your core – getting strong and centered. It uses heat, deep breathing (pranayama) and vigorous sequences to sweat out toxins. The long holds in the pose progressions help you flush, oxygenate and rejuvenate every cell as well as refine your relationship to it. For beginners to Forrest Yoga, you learn to connect your breath to intention and connection to feeling in your body. Learning to work honestly at your edges, you develop effective tools to deal with fear and struggle. As your connection to core deepens you awaken the body’s inherent wisdom of self-knowing. This makes it possible for integrity, self awareness & playful curiosity to become part of your daily life.

Forrest Yoga does not require strength or flexibility; it only requires that you bring a willingness to learn how to feel authentically and respond honestly. People with injuries or limitations are encouraged to attend. As you advance in Forrest Yoga, step by step, you learn to intelligently ride your breath into the exhilarating advanced poses. You learn to exercise your emotional body through the full spectrum of feeling.

Come to class in comfortable clothing and with an empty stomach. All yoga props are provided. We highly recommend bringing a water bottle and having your own mat.



This class is suitable for anyone who would like a gentle, slower paced, stress reducing yoga class. Individuals with physical injuries or limitations, such as arthritis, diabetes, mental stress, postnatal, overweight and other issues, will find this class not just helpful, but enjoyable too! The yoga poses will be gentle and restorative; mostly floor and wall work with yoga props for comfort. Deep breathing will be taught. This type of yoga helps to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system also known as the PNS. Stimulating the PNS helps to lower heart rate, blood pressure, stimulates the immune system and much, much more. Room is heated to 75 degrees.


All Levels:

All Levels means that there are beginners, intermediate and advanced students in the class, and we give safe, compassionate instructions and options to suit everyone in the room. All level classes explore healing sequences to modify your practice. Each class focuses on an overall theme. All classes include warming up before the hot part of class, then warming down before cooling down and savasana (final resting pose). Room is heated to 85 degrees.

Some individual class themes are:

  • neck and shoulders

  • hips and hamstrings

  • twists

  • backbends

  • inversions

  • arm balances

  • standing pose series


Intermediate / Advanced:

This class deepens one's awareness of the connections available to take their practice deeper. There is no expectation to achieve any pose, but a willingness and open mind to explore their personal edge with a lighthearted approach. Inversions, Gravity Surfing, Wheel Variations, & Arm Balances are just a few ways you can expect to celebrate your practice in this sweat lodge ceremony!


Forrest Yoga Infused

Forrest Yoga Infused is a blend of Forrest Yoga and other ancient yogic practices.


Sivananda Hatha Yoga

Sivananda hatha is a traditional, slow paced, meditative class that helps encourage proper breathing, flexibility, strength and vitality in the body while calming the mind. Because Yoga is a spiritual system with a physical component, this non-competitive approach helps the practitioner gain much more than just a healthy body.

A typical open level class includes pranayama (breathing exercises), warm-ups including Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar), 12 basic asanas (postures) and deep relaxation. The focus is on mastering the basic asanas from which variations are then added to further deepen the practice. The asanas follow an exact order that allows for the systematic movement of every major part of the body in a balanced way that enhances prana or life force energy, keeping the mind quiet and without the need to think beyond each individual pose. Additional variations may also be taught.


Meditation as a technique for calming the disturbances of the mind has been a part of human life since the time of the earliest civilizations. Many teachers, past and present, from a myriad of cultural and religious beliefs, from the Buddha (563-486 BCE ) to Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn’s emerging Mindfulness Stress Reduction Program at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, have sought to control the “monkey mind” to gain insight and inner peace. As master teacher Joseph Goldstein has suggested “Mediation has to do with opening what is closed in us, balancing what is reactive, and exploring what is hidden.”

Most of us go about our daily lives with our mind chattering away. To exist without all that mental noise seems to suggest we have lost all control. Yet, we are only in control when we are aware of our thinking and able to stop thinking when we want to. It is this aspect of letting go that troubles most practitioners, posing a real challenge to our habitual behaviors, feelings and thoughts. Scientific findings like Kabat-Zinn’s prove how meditation can significantly change addictions, heal the body, decrease, sometimes alleviate, physical and mental pain, eliminate stress and anxiety, augment our concentration, improve our ability to handle deadlines, increase a sense of well-being, and bring about a profound acceptance of the challenges and hardships of everyday life.

Meditation brings remarkable changes in one’s daily life practices and deepens an awareness as to what one’s reality truly is. It is the constant escaping from reality and seeking of instant gratification, common to 21st century culture that masks our true feelings, debilitates us, and poisons our body, mind and spirit. The Dalai Lama stresses the importance of a basic mindfulness practice to change the human condition, teaching that one’s ability to literally “sit” with what is at hand, without any conceptual padding, allowed our neuroses to come to the surface and therefore be resolved. He states “meditation is the means for human beings to be free of suffering.”

Meditation asks us to mindfully observe the fluctuation’s of the mind and to learn how to lessen our anxieties with breath exercises and thoughtful observation. Through practicing the techniques of meditation the chaos of everyday life is lessened, the agitation of the mind is brought to stillness; Insight and understanding of one’s deeper feelings and responses is cultivated, ultimately bringing greater ability to focus, control, and change our experiences.

Make time for yourself to simply sit and reflect – what Pema Chodron calls “calm abiding” so that one’s innate wisdom can rise and guide you to greater contentment and inner peace.

Learn to cultivate this skillful awareness and receive the long term benefits of a meditation practice!

Meditation is open:
Monday - Friday, 8:15 - 8:45am

By Donation.


AcroYoga blends the spiritual wisdom of yoga, the loving kindness of Thai massage, and the dynamic power of Acrobatics. These three ancient lineages form the foundation of a unique new practice that cultivates trust, connection and playfulness. Our highest aim is to bring individuals into a state of union with themselves, with each other, and with the divine. From this place of mutual support the true self can be realized, honored and shared for the benefit of all. Om Shanti

There are many structures or sequences to an AY class- Some of the elements included are:

Circle Ceremony
The circle initiates the ceremonious joining of our yoga community with a flow of integrated movements. Here we establish connection with those around us and cultivate our openness to the divine. The circle ceremony sets the tone and theme for our journey together.

Asana Warm up
Asana warms the body and grounds us individually in preparation for partner work. A mirrored partner asana flow helps to develop concentration, focus, and flexibility. This is an opportunity to look outside ourselves and open our awareness to the common experience.

Partner Flow
Partner Flow is a creative sequence of mutually beneficial partner asanas and stretches. Communication, self-acceptance and honesty are the roots of the partner experience. Central to this practice are trust and compassion, the first two observances of Yoga. When two become one, we become breath in motion together.

Inversions turn our world upside down and bring out our childlike nature. Inversions force us to summon our courage and let go of fear. Spotting techniques develop deeper levels of trust, building the foundation for acrobatic partner skills.

Partner Acrobatics
Partner Acrobatics is the most dynamic expression of this work. Greater levels of risk amplify the need for heightened trust, concentration and presence. After developing our base of partner skills, we are ready to rise to the challenge of group formations and pyramids.

Flying flows can range from gentle, massage-based stretches to more dynamic balancing or acrobatic sequences. Therapeutic flying utilizes gravity to release and open the flyers' spine while grounding and empowering the base. This is the nectar of AcroYoga, aka Anti-Gravitational Spinal Elongation. The gentle kindness of Metta can be transmitted from the base to the flyer.

Thai Massage
Thai Massage is a healing art that combines massage and yoga asana with an emphasis on "metta"- loving kindness. Once the flyer lands the role of giver and receiver shift. The flyer can give back to the base the metta that was offered during the flying. It cultivates the healing capacity of the giver and uses passive yoga stretches to open energy lines in the receiver. It is a time to honor and express gratitude to our partners.


Angela completed the second AY teacher training, while Jill was certified amongst the 5th "graduating class" of metta monkeys! Both continue to pursue Acrobatics, aerial, counterbalance, and inversions, as well as the more gravity abiding, Thai massage, and therapeutics of giving.